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  Pashmina Shawls
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  »  100% Pashmina Stole
  »  100% Matt Weave
  »  100% Ring Shawl
  »  Shaded Shawl
  »  Printed
  »  Plane Shawl
  »  Open Weave
  »  100% Jali
  »  Jacquard Shawl
  »  Honey Cumb Shawl
  »  Hand Painted
  »  Embroidery Shawl
  »  Design Shawls
  »  Crystal Shawl
  »  Beaded Shawl
  Pasmina Sweaters
  »  100% Printed Ladies Sweater
  »  100% Ladies Sweater
  »  100% Gents Sweater
  100% Blankets
  100% Hillltop
  »  Pashmina Scarves
  »  PSY DF
  »  Pashmina Dress
  »  Double Face
  »  Hot Water Bag
  »  Robes


100% Pashmina Products
Silk Based Pashmina any combination
80% Pashmina and 20% Silk Products
70% Pashmina and 30% Silk Products

Color : We can customize the colours as desired by the customers or You can choose the colors from our list of colors. Please click on Color to go to color chart.

Sizes : We offer the following sizes for our valued customers. If you have any special sizes of your requirement we take order of your special sizes as well.

Size in cm
30 x 150
45 x 165
70 x 180
70 x 200
90 x 200
130 x 200
130 x 270
Item Name

We also manufacture the custom sizes as per your requirement.

Please contact us at npi@mos.com.np & npipushpa@wlink.com.np, if you need more information regarding product, price and order procedure.

Note : All of our shawls and stoles items have 4 inch long hand twisted fringes. We can customize the knotted fringe size according to your requirement. We export our pashmina product directly at a very reasonable price.

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